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About the team

Hodling Bitcoin was set up to help newcomers into the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. We are a small team of 3 individuals who search for new investment opportunities daily to increase our portfolio. Our intention is to help the general public understand what the Blockchain is and the benefits this technology can bring to future generations.

Yes. All the information on this site is free. We supply affiliated links which pay for the running and upkeep of this site. You do not need to click on any of the links but appreciate anyone that does contribute in this small way. By doing this we can supply more information which will continue to help the cryptocurrency community.
We spend approximately 15 hours per day researching white papers, new ICO's and any news which could affect our portfolio. We will not add any obstructive advertising which would be detrimental and unhelpful for this site to flourish.

Yes. At present we offer a bi-weekly newsletter by email (Monday & Friday) which gives the latest cryptocurrency news and our "coin of the week" to follow. We fully understand most people just do not have the time to research the latest news. Where do you start if you want to find first class information online from trusted sources? Here at Hodling Bitcoins, we believe we have found those sources. Future events and important developments within the world of cryptocurrency are also mentioned in our newsletters.
This service is provided at a ridiculously low price of £9.90 per calendar month.  We feel offering this service at an acceptable price will hopefully welcome newcomers into cryptocurrency and is a worthwhile investment to learn from experienced investors.
Please note, we are not financial advisors and therefore can not give "financial advice" support. Many cryptocurrency Youtube channels are breaking their countries' laws by offering financial advice. Please be very careful if you intend to trust a Youtuber streaming from his bedroom and informing you of his latest Bitcoin investments. Any coin or trade that we have made and inform subscribers of is for information purposes only. If you wish to follow our portfolio, that is entirely your decision. If you wish to follow our Twitter feed for any news events we feel are of interest please click here. If you would like to join our subscription mailing list please click here with your query.

  1. Pay by DigiByte:  D6i4Tve7S5YbaFgTWKpD1x1r1BhNPPiwd5
  2. Pay by Ethereum: 0x014f6567e8f55d51770249cf18f6de9a5f49ace6
  3. Pay by Litecoin:  LPuXrSPD9QLRhQxjwp4U5QAn9LLUsDMRBd
  4. Pay by Komodo: RNCfnX1vkw2QtFcHEANBW7wcBkDCcqRBDP
  5. Pay by NEO: AJwPiYcpLhr6mm5QnzB6MqNWrSqBS2aPgT
  6. Pay by ADA: DdzFFzCqrhsmTXgLRQ9edkHesjqbo6GMSSmAXLzSZ9drodL6UixzZ5tsjrskY9j7rhWHxpqnpzbqaJgkowStg2auzfctCFTuqGPxzKLj
  7. Copy the address into the appropriate wallet and send with your name and email address. Please send £9.90 via one of the above methods for one month of newsletters.


If you would prefer to pay by Paypal, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team.
*You do not need to supply your phone number.



Get the latest bi-weekly newsletter for only £9.90 per calendar month. Money back guarantee.