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Future bright for Bitcoin 

Bitcoin & Altcoins have a bright future with increased worldwide interest continuing in 2018.


Record high for Bitcoin

From less than £700 per Bitcoin at the beginning of 2017 to over £13500 late 2017. Incredible profits.


Litecoin -  cheap transactions

Less than £3 in March 2017 to over £240 in December 2017. Insane gains for Charlie Lee's coin.


Future bright for Neo 

At only £0.08p in February 2017 Neo stands at £115 at the time of writing. Millionaires have been made as a result of these insane profits.


Monero - the private coin.

Monero was around the £7 mark in 2017 shooting up to over £330 late 2017. Monero continues to impress traders with their fundamentals.

How much can be made investing in Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies in 2018 and beyond? Simple answer is no one knows. The decision most Bitcoin traders and investors have made is that they believe the future of technology is Blockchain. If you want more information regarding what a blockchain is or wish to know the difference between Bitcoin and "altcoins" please see the links above. 


Many newcomers assume they need to buy a full Bitcoin. You don't. Many people dipping their toes into cryptocurrency will buy "part of" a Bitcoin. This can be from as little as £10. Follow the link above to buy Bitcoin from Coinbase to also receive £7 free (terms apply). 

Bitcoin is only one of hundreds of cryptocurrencies available to trade. Many "altcoins" or alternative coins are available for investment for new customers. Better gains can often be made trading on alternative coins. Bitcoin is known as the "gold of cryptocurrencies" and a "store of value".

The founder of McAfee Security software, John McAfee predicts Bitcoin will eventually hit $1 million per Bitcoin.  John McAfee mines Bitcoins and is a huge supporter of the Blockchain technology. John McAfee has over 700,000 followers on twitter.

Many alternative coins have smashed records with percentage gains of over 10,000% in 2017 (that is not a misprint).  When you see annual interest from savings accounts at less than 0.01% you can understand why more and more people are interested in the cyrptocurrency markets.

The market cap traded in cryptocurrencies was over £11 billion in January 2017. This increased to around £500 billion in late 2017. This shows awareness of cryptocurrencies is now worldwide and will only increase. It is estimated over £1 trillion market cap will be hit this year.

Do not believe national news stories who continually state negativity surrounding Bitcoin. Major companies are already heavily invested. Remember, propaganda news organizations have an agenda to keep. Always stay ahead of the latest news from all sources including reputable twitter feeds and youtube accounts. You can follow our list of trusted sources if you wish.

Goldman Sachs has now stated they intend to explore trading Bitcoin. This would make it the first big Wall Street firm to deal directly in the growing cryptocurrency market. This is fantastic news for the future of Bitcoin.

Many investment corporations are now backing the future of cryptocurrency. The alternative coin Ripple is being tested by Banks to help with their transaction times. Worldwide transactions can be sent in seconds instead of days with the Blockchain technology.

There are only 21 million Bitcoins which can be mined. However, the last coin won't be mined until around 2150. Mining Bitcoins becomes more difficult each year (the mathematical calculations become more difficult).

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss twins invested $11 million on Bitcoin over four years ago. Their investment ballooned by almost 10,000%. Wealth from their Bitcoin purchase is currently an estimated $1 billion.

Always backup your information including your Private and Public keys with strong passwords. You are your own bank when it comes to crypto. If you lose these keys you lose your coins - back up your keys!

We are at the very early stages of cryptocurrency - you have not missed out. There are numerous popular alternative coins which are still available for well under £1.00 and even as low as £0.01. Choosing the right alternative coin can produce gains which would be impossible with stock trading. Many investors understand huge gains are extremely probable in 2018 and beyond.

Good luck.


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