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We believe there are numerous cryptocurrency news based websites that give genuine useful information on a daily basis. There are also media outlets that seem to want cryptocurrency to fail. We try to be neutral and give users to this site the websites and Twitter accounts we feel will benefit your portfolio. and should be the first websites you check out on a daily basis. Knowing how the market is reacting daily is recommended. and the latest to the market, is also on the short list but we prefer coinmarketcap.

We suggest the best forum to check out the latest developments is With over 1.7 million members this is a fantastic area to check out new ICO's and the very latest gossip surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The amount of information supplied can be overwhelming and this is the reason we believe our subscription package at £9.90 is tremendous value.  We spend valuable hours researching the markets where other people are not able to find the time. is a news outlet for cryptocurrency. We highly recommend this site to be bookmarked. Cointelegraph have a twitter account which should be followed for latest news developments.

Another news related website is News.bitcoin informs their readers of the latest Bitcoin news and is kept up to date very well.

Others for the shortlist are,,,,,,,, & All well deserving sites to keep bookmarked.

Once an understanding is made with ICO's, we suggest taking a look at This website rates ICO's and gives their view point if an ICO should be invested in.

Twitter accounts to follow:

 @coindesk                                  @BittrexExchange                  @ElectrumWallet                    @officialmcafee                  @BitcoinMagazine                            @Bitcoin                                @Cointelegraph                      @CryptoCoinsNews                @justinvendetta                        @NEMofficial ‏                                    @jaxx_io                                @cryptomanran ‏ 


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